Software, app, operating system, website and social network localization:
  • Localizing the user interface.

Settings screen with the options Search, Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Notifications and Battery

  • Adapting the content to space limitations of each device (such as computers, tablets and smartphones).
  • SEO: Translating meta tags (title, description and keywords) for search engines and social networks, and adapting the content.
  • Ensuring the consistency of all the elements (titles, paragraphs, menus, buttons, CTAs and more).
  • Accessibility: Translating the alt text for images, videos, logos and icons, among other content.

Apart from localizing, I also translate related content, such as help center articles, marketing pages, reports, manuals or infographics.

Another related services:

  • Software and app testing.
  • ICR/LSO: In-context review/linguistic sign-off of reports, decks and infographics, among other documents.
  • Proofreading and QA of translations.
  • Glossary creation and terminology management.
  • Style guide creation and management.
  • Xbench checklists creation (terminology, errors and preferences, among others) with regular expressions to reduce the number of FPs to the minimum.

Xbench's Edit Checklist Item screen. This item checks if the symbol ™ appears in the source and is missing in the translation.

Content I have worked on