I am Paloma, translator, localizer and proofreader. I specialize mainly in Audiovisual Translation, Localization and Technical Translation, but I have also worked in other kind of texts (including literary, general, and medical).

I work with these languages: English, German, Galician, and Spanish.

If you need more information about my education or professional experience, check my resume.

If you want to contact me or ask for a budget, you can send me an e-mail to paloma@palomabcr.com or fill in the contact form.

Foto de Paloma, traductora, localizadora y revisora, en su despacho. De fondo se ve una mesa con dos pantallas y un teclado.

More Services

Proofreading of texts written in Galician and Spanish.
General Translation
General translation of all types of texts (journalistic texts, research articles, letters, academic and official certificates, leaflets, touristic brochures, blogs, etc.)

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